Friday, September 25

downtown walk

This afternoon/night my friend Paul and I walked around downtown Sacramento taking pictures. I looked like a total photo nerd with two different cameras hanging around my neck (and sometimes strangling me). Anyways, here's a couple shots from my digital camera, I have lots more and hopefully I'll post them later. But then again, I said that with the state fair pictures and that never happened, did it?

And then tomorrow I will march into the store and pick up my film to see how those pictures turned out! I have a feeling they're way better. There's just something about film that is infinitely better.

P.S.- Why is it that when I post my photos they always lose their saturation? It shows up when I click on them. It boggles my brain.

P.P.S.- Who came up with that phrase? Boggles my brain.
Boggles. What a strange word.


  1. 1- love your photos
    2- what cameras to you shoot with?
    3- i say boggles wayyyy too much - it is a very strange word, indeed. but then again, you know how if you say any word over and over it starts to sound strange - like turnip...
    4-i'm definitely that nerd who annoyingly takes pictures all the time at any place. what can you do?

  2. Thank you! I shoot mostly with canon. My big digital is a canon rebel xti. My film one is like a canon eos or something. And then for photos I don't really care about I use a canon powershot sd780. And now I have a diana, but I have yet to get that film developed.

    Did you know you can totally use the diana flash with a digital camera?! The other day I put some of those color filters on the flash and then attached it to the hotshoe on my rebel. Pretty freaking sweet.

    I never really thought of turnip that way. I have a feeling I'm going to be using that word alot more now... You know what word I like to say? Spatula. It's a good one.