Tuesday, July 6


In less than a month, I will be living in this beautiful city. Craziness.

So let me tell you a little story.

After searching for months on Craigslist and Roommate Finder, I have finally found a place to call home.

Let me tell you about looking through ads, searching for a place to live.
There's always something wrong.

Rent is too high. Wrong neighborhood. Roommates sound like sluts, or, possibly worse, geeks with no desire for social lives. Not allowed to use the oven. Looking for other Asians. No guests. No drinking. No fun. Wrong timing.

A few weeks ago I came home after a long night of work, and, although tired, I hopped online to see if any good sounding listings had surfaced.

And I found one. Further from school than I want to be. More than I want to pay. A month earlier than I planned to move.

Even though the latter would normally result in me moving on to another ad, I couldn't help but think that, other than those usual deal breakers, this sounded perfect. The roommates sounded like exactly what I was looking for. I would have my own room. And it is just so darn close to Golden Gate Park and the beach.

So, for the first time, I responded to an ad. Because it just felt so right.

Then, after I hit the send button, I agonized over what I wrote in the message. I won't lie, I sounded pretty dorky. But then, when don't I?

Okay, here's where it gets awesome.

The next day I hear back from one of the prospective roommates. Here's how the e-mail begins-

It's Lia, from Paris. What are the chances that you would reply to my craigslist ad!? Crazy.

That's right. I replied to one of the hundreds of Craigslist ads I've read, and it turns out I knew the girl. What?!

Um, meant to be much?

So a few days later I drove to the city, checked out the place, waited overnight to give my decision then called to confirm that I was taking it. Last Thursday I picked up my keys. What a weird feeling.

And now I'm beginning to buy all the fun little things that you never really think of needing.

Yesterday I bought some spatulas.

Who knew spatulas could be so exciting?


  1. haha thats MAD! But im so glad you found somewhere!

  2. Crazy! I'd definitely would've said yes because I'd felt safer knowing I knew the person already.