Wednesday, July 7

what a day

too lazy to brush or dry my hair. Didn't realize my hair was this curly.

bike rides and the most hilarious wipe out EVER with my brotha from anotha mother.

frisbee on the beach.

amazing turkey/bacon/cream cheese/avocado sandwich enjoyed with Sophie and Chance.


going to surprise grandma with Ford's milkshakes, to find she isn't home. So I decide to drink them both. While driving. Without napkins. Resulting in both chocolate and vanilla milkshake on my shirt. And a tummy ache.

getting in the dressing room at TJ Maxx and finding I forgot to shave my armpits this morning. Nice.

chips and guac for dinner.

and getting jazzed (that's right, jazzed) for my road trip to Long Beach tomorrow!

Dear Summer season,
I love you

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