Monday, August 3

family ties

A few years ago I was looking through old pictures and in separate boxes I found these two gems. The color photo is of my brother back when we were little and the b&w is my dad when he was a kid, about the same age of my brother when this photograph was taken. I've had these photos up side by side in my room ever since. It's funny how much a father and son can be alike. I love it.

Besides the similarity in their poses, I love looking at the picture of my brother and seeing our "waterslide". That metal slide would get so hot in the summertime so we always ran the hose up and then put the wading pool at the bottom of the slide. That was the greatest. You know, it's funny. We always wanted a real pool back then and now that we have one, well, let's just say I've only swam in it 3 times this summer and that's more than anyone else in my family.

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