Tuesday, August 4


How pretty are spiderwebs with water droplets? So delicate.

I think I pulled an armpit muscle tonight at work.
Is that even possible?!?

I was cleaning my room today and found confetti from 2000.
I only know it's 9 years old because it all says 2000.
I forgot that 2000 was called Y2K. It seems like so long ago that people were stocking up on canned food because the crash was coming.
I think I need to clean more often.

The cows outside are noisy. Shouldn't they be sleeping?
Speaking of sleeping cows, I don't believe people when they talk about cow tipping. Do you ever realize that it's always someone they know who's gone cow tipping, they've never actually seen the deed done themselves. I've never seen a cow that sleeps standing up. Therefore, I think cow tipping is just an urban myth. Because you never hear country kids talk about their cow tipping experiences.

My boss tells me more about her personal life than I want to know.

Tomorrow I'm going to Music Circus! What is music circus, you're thinking. Music Circus is a series of musicals performed during the summer time here in Sacramento with a really awesome stage. It used to be held in a circular tent, hence music circus. But a few years ago they built the "pavilion" (which has WAY more comfortable seats and is air conditioned). Anyways, the stage is circular, and it rotates (in multiple directions sometimes), can go up and down, and is just downright cool. The actors come down the aisles and are in character at all times. The stage sets are lowered from the ceiling and the orchestra plays in a small pit next to the stage. I love going! My parents have been season ticket holders for several years now and every year they let me pick one performance that I would like to attend. So this year I'm going to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Hopefully there will be some beautiful dancing and singing and all around awesomness!

But before I go to Music Circus I'm meeting up with some friends at On The Border for some free chips and to get boozed up on sangria. Therefore making this Music Circus performance the BEST EVER.

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