Thursday, October 1

Congratulations, your application was successfully submitted.

Just submitted my application to SFSU! Am I on top of things or what?!

I just hope this plan of mine follows through. Seems like none of my college plans ever seem to work out and I get stuck in limbo semesters from hell.

Did you know that I have accumulated 108 college credits? Probably not, since I just found that out myself.

108. And still nowhere near to a degree.


Anyways, today (well, I guess yesterday now) has been a lovely day. I woke up early. Well, 8am. In a good mood. What is that about? Then had a fabulous lunch of lamb and mushroom risotto with my friend Taylor. Had a mini photoshoot with myself for A Little Sussy's self portrait challenge. Turned that in a few hours before it was due. Then headed over to the local bar for my friend Kristie's first legal bar/karaoke experience. She had one margarita and claimed to already feel tipsy.


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