Tuesday, October 20

You know that person who will wait to do their laundry until they've run out of underwear? Or maybe they'll buy more underwear just to put it off even longer?

Yep. I'm that person.

By this point in my life, I have enough underwear and clothes to go a very very long time without doing laundry.

And although this method usually works for me, I'm beginning to think I should break this habit.

Because I haven't been able to close my closet doors for the past week thanks to the dirty laundry spilling out of it's basket.

I don't think Martha Stewart or my mother would approve.


  1. it's ok...
    i'm that person too!
    i'm to the point, where it just doesn't feel right to do laundry if my hamper is spilling over.
    i sort of use the status of my underwear count to determine if it's time to do laundry...
    yeah - i guess this should stop...

  2. we put off laundry until we absolutely cannot wait any more. i actually visited our local laundromat today because every single towel in our house was dirty and we were both out of underwear.

    the only thing that bugs me about waiting so long is hanging it all back up once it's clean - it takes almost as long as washing it all!

  3. carmella and sarah- glad to see others put it off just as long as I do. And Sarah, I agree, that's why I hate washing it so much too! It's not the sorting and loading, it's the folding and putting it back in it's place. sooo boring

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