Friday, October 30

halloween past

So... obviously I had a thing for pink.

My brother Kyle, cousins Danny, Katie, and Robby, me and my mom. I guess I was a rabbit.

Princess? And Kyle is, again, a cowboy. Original.

I loved that tutu beyond recognition. I wore it as often as I could. And Kyle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Sweet!

I guess I was hoping to get some Halloween costume inspiration from these old photos. I still haven't decided what to be... we'll see what happens tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!


  1. these are amazing! haha
    i know, i loved pink too!
    i was a pink poodle girl and the pink power ranger.

    good luck deciding on your costume, i'll probably stay in (gasp!) i don't think my immune system can handle a crowd...
    oh well, someone's got to man the trick-or-treaters!

  2. Your brother's face paint reminds me...I went as a clown one year and thought it "completed my outfit" to paint my face white. Never again! It was so itchy. I don't know how kids do it.

  3. carmella- yes! Power to pink loving little girls. My first pair of glasses was pink. They were pretty awesome.

    Elizabeth- I never lasted long with face paint either!