Wednesday, November 4

I want scones

oh so badly. Raspberry scones. Mmm.

And on a completely unrelated note, I have had a pretty wonderful week so far.

I dressed up and had some fun for Halloween. Enjoyed a lovely lunch with some friends and their grandparents. Said grandparents tried to booze me up. Ate a scrumdiddlyumptious sandwich and took a lovely stroll through the capital park with my friend Erin. We found a cork tree. It was neat. Picked up my guitar for the first time in months. Went out for margaritas last night with the girls. And today laughed through lunch with my best friend Taylor.

Aah. What a pleasant life I lead.

This evening I've been picking through photos I've taken lately of my brother and I, trying to chose the best ones to give to my mom for Christmas. I think she'd like that. But I've had such a hard time keeping the photos I took of my brother to myself. I want to show her now!

I have a love/hate relationship with surprises/gifts. You see, I just get so gosh darned excited that I want to give my gifts immediately.

Take, for example, the birthday gift I got for my cousin Danny, when I was six. Grape flavored Bubble Tape. I didn't give him his gift immediately, but I definitely told him what it was before he got the chance to open it.

So hopefully I'll make it to Christmas with these photos. Until then, I'll post them here so I don't torture myself.

I also took a few shots of the both of us using the timer on my camera. Took forever, but I don't think we've had nice photos of us together since elementary school. Mom will be happy.

That's right. We're awesome.

And then here's a random shot of me that I took today. I'm taking a digital photography class this semester so that I'll be allowed to take some of the upper portrait classes next year, and one of the assignments is to take a self portrait inside your house. Not fun. Fortunately my parents room gets a lot of natural light (heavens knows I won't use a flash. First off, they're blinding. Secondly, if you don't use them right your photos look terrible, and I'm not ready to go down that road).

So. Did I mention I'm craving raspberry scones?


  1. oh these are great!! what camera do you use?
    and i'm so with you about getting too excited about gifts. i'm always saying, "i know it's for christmas, but if you want to open it now, while i'm here, you can!" :)

    and where the heck do you live with access so that amazing barn!! this makes me so jealous!! i guess i could walk outside and take pictures in our littered ally way - unfair!

    i love scones. period.

  2. Thanks! I used my canon rebel xti. I live on a farm, the built in backdrops are definitely a benefit : )

    You know what I love? warm scones with honey. Mmmm!