Wednesday, November 18

recounting the years failures

My family is one of those who sends out a Christmas card with a letter to old friends each year. I've written a few of them, my mom has written most. My favorite was the one where I basically made fun of my entire family and then, when it came to the paragraph about me, I simply wrote:

Courtney has no life.

Last year I pressed my mom to remember to write the letter, seeing as how it was a good year for all of us. This year, however, there's not much to write. When my mom brought up the fact that she needed to get it written soon, both my brother and I told her maybe she should just go with a card this year.

This has been a year of failing spectacularly for my parent's children. My brother was laid off earlier this year and has yet to find a consistent job. Now he mostly sits around watching YouTube. I worked my butt off, applied to a graphic design program, and didn't make the cut. I've had the same job for nearly seven years, and I'm only taking one class this semester. We both still live at home.

Not much to brag about.

So unless she's waiting until the Damewood's Christmas letter arrives in the mail (as it always does the first week of December, along with a family portrait from Olan Mills) so that she can white-out their perfect-straight-A-symphony-writing-kids names and fill in ours, I think we're just going with a card and a photo.

Honest to God, I promise we didn't plan the matching thing. I told them to meet me on the front porch at 4:30, and this is what happened.


  1. Haha, even if you didn't plan on matching, at lest you all looked really good together! My parents always need to be helped out with that stuff, otherwise my parents would look like they're simply going grocery shopping!

  2. Sometimes Christmas can be great. But other times it brings stuff like this up. The extended family gets together and cousins are compared, etc. I get it.

    I think a card and a photo will be's says, "Our family is so busy being great we can't afford the time to write a letter this year."