Friday, November 13

dear diry [Letters from the 8 year old me]

May 25, 1995
Dear Diry,
I'm going on vacation and I have Impetigo. I had it since Monday. Now my Impetigo is heled. Then we saw a big bump. I had surgery on Thursday 27th 1995 8 years old. Go 7:30am- End 8:30- Home 1:30pm. When I got home my hole (almost) family came and gave me presants. I said I think I'm going to be sick for a long time!

Oct. 18th 1995
Dear Diry,
Today I was finding the horse oats and I asadently opend up the chickens oats instead. And a mouse jumped out of it right by my leg! I was freaked out! So I jumped on a box! And Danny lied and said the mouse had five babies on its back! I know he was lying.

January 25th, 1996
Dear Diery,
Mellissa and I are not freinds any more! Nancy (who thinks she is the best) accoused me of something I didn't do! She's so stuped! And she acshally got Melissa on her side! And Melissa even said that she didn't like Nancy at my house! Not!
(What a lyer)
And Nancy made Fabienne cry! (How rood!)
It's wore time! I hate Nancy. And I'll hate her for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Oh! I got Khristen's address for Christmas! But she hasen't wrote back- oh well!

May 3rd
Dear Diary,
I am in a play tomorrow, "the secret of my success." I have a solo.
This time I'm gonna sing my best, not like the last time where I got nervous and sang like a boy.

My friends are:
Jenny K, Christen, Daniell E., Brittany, Danny, Caleb. On computers I did an average of 14 words per minute!
Other than all that stuff, I'm a happy woman. I've always wondered, what is that dip under your nose? Is it for snot to run down into your mouth?

March 12, 1998
Dear Diary,
AUNT CAROL HAD A BABY. ADAM JAMESON. I have held him twice. He is a little chubby and has already slept with a woman (Grandma). Shame!

April 15, 1998
Dear Diary,
Gee, am I part woman! I had hairs growing under my armpit (this is normal) so mom helped me shave them because it is easter eve and and I am going to wear a dress with no sleeves. It is a light turquoise with yellow and purple flowers. Anyway, I got my own shave thing and it is pink.
Ooh ya! I play the flute. I'm ok.

May 13, 1998
Dear Diary,
Today we learned about the Birds and the Bees at school. The girls went into a room and we watched "the movie." The girls and boys watched about each others private parts. It was DESCUSTING! Mrs. Puccio is a great storyteller when it comes to that!

January 24, 99
Mrs. Wilbanks is a bad teacher. She's really mean. When you do something wrong she gives you "THE LOOK." My friends and I call her Mrs. Weasel. Because she looks like a weasel. She doesn't know that! In science, the teacher said we all need to grow up. I said, "I don't want to grow up, I want to be a TOYS 'R US kid!" I got in trouble.

Februray 9, 1999
Have you ever fainted? Well of course not, your a book! It feels weird. You feel dizzy and the world is spinning. You raise your hand, tell the teacher "I don't feel good," PLOP! You black out and when you open your eyes, everybody is surrounding you and you say "why am I on the floor?" I fainted during practice and I thought it was cool, I wish it was caught on tape. And then I got to leave school early. But I really felt fine. Ha!

10:02 pm February 9, 1999
I'm bored I can't go to sleep so I'll talk about my progress with Kyle H. Ohh... Anyway, he's acting really nice to me and laughs at all my jokes (eccept stupid ones). Today, at the lunch table, I sat by Danny and Kyle sat next to him. Joey sat next to to Kyle. And, when he (Kyle) laughed at one of my jokes Joey said, "Kyle likes Courtney" I almost melted at the thought but didn't show it. Besides, I know who Kyle likes, Krysta. What's she got that I don't? Here's my dream date with him-
He'll take me to the beach and we'll have a candle-light diner by the beach. We'll then hold hands and run on the sand, the waves crashing to the end of our feet. He'll hold me tight and say "Courtney Anne, will you marry a man that is desparetly in love with you?" He'll show me a beautiful diamond ring and I'll say, "Ohh Kyle, Yes!" He'll put it on my finger and I'll ask, "When should it be?" And he'll say, "I don't care about when, I just want to be with you all my life."
Aaah to be young and in love!
Love, Mrs. Courtney Anne Harris

November 13th, 2009
Dear little version of me,
Danny is still a liar. You and Melissa will become friends again. And you won't hate Nancy for ever and ever. Shaving will get old. You cheated when you played the flute. All you did was whistle into it. Eleven years later you still won't know what that dip above your lip is for. Luckily, you know how to use google so if it was that important, you could find out. If you had paid any attention during the birds and the bees movie maybe you would have understood all of your friend's jokes. I'm glad you kept your innocence though. It's what makes you different from everyone else. And yes, Mrs. Wilbanks did look like a weasel. However, when you run into her seven years later, you find out she's actually pretty cool. As for Kyle H, he grew up to be a super hot firefighter. Damn it!


And randomly ten hours after originally posting this:
On my drive home from work tonight, sitting at the stop light, I happened to look over at the gas station and who else did I see but Kyle H pumping gas. I haven't seen him in a few years! And those years really took a toll on him. He was not the Kyle I remember, he just looked all drugged out, and he's obviously eaten way too many donuts.

Okay... not really. AT ALL. He's still super hot. In fact all I noticed at first was that there was a guy with insanely good looks, then I realized it was him. And it made me laugh. If I was any dorkier I might have stuck my head out the window and said that I'd just blogged about him. I feel like that wouldn't have earned me any cool points though, only creepy points.


  1. Oh wow - thanks so much for sharing these gems of insight from you eight-year-old mind! So cute, and revealing!

    I still have ALL of my journals from grade school, middle school, and (most embarrassingly) from high school! They are so telling of who I was then - and who I am now! I still have the same sense of humor, writing style, and even hand writing - but I've lost some of my brutal honesty :)

  2. Oh my goodness Courtney, this is too great, too too great. Sometimes I get that way too, when I want to go over to someone and say, "Oh hey, that's funny, I just blogged about you/about that." But yes, that'd be dorky of me (although sometimes I DO do it, lol).

    I have diaries from when I was little too. I think we were just born to blog. :P

    People (ex-friends and ex-crushes) have found me on MySpace/Facebook/around my city and they've changed drastically. They aren't who I remember them as years ago. Sometimes I feel I'm the only one that's stayed the same.

  3. So funny! I love looking through my old diaries--I wish I had written more. If only we could still stay so young and naive!

  4. This is such a great post Courtney! I had diaries when I was a kid...but then I found out that my mom was ready them so I tore out all the "good parts." Sigh.

  5. I know, isn't it entertaining to reread them? My mom and I were in stitches reading these the other day.

    Sarah- I wish I had written in middle school and high school. All I have are old notes between friends and I. Oh the drama!

    Belen- I know how you feel. But when I really think about it, I realize I've changed much more than anyone from my past will ever notice.

    Ruth- I wish I had written more too! I only wrote in my diary a few times a year. I found another diary, but it had a lock on it, and I have no clue were the key is.

    Elizabeth- Oh no, that's horrible! I'm so sorry, that's a total bummer. Sounds like something I probably would've done though.