Sunday, November 29

movies, cough drops and tea, oh my!

I'm terrible at describing things. Which is why I can only think to describe being sick as...


Wednesday morning I woke up achy with a sore throat. I made it downstairs, declared I didn't feel well, sucked down some cereal, and shuffled up to bed where I stayed until night, waking only for some crackers to feed my un-hungry appetite and to call in sick to work.

Thanksgiving day I worked through my sickness and collapsed into my bed by day's end. Friday through today have been spent in my pajamas watching movies and the biography channel.

I'm so sick of being sick.

Which is why, regardless of how I feel tomorrow, I'm going to do something awesome. I don't know what it is yet, but I know it will be better than sitting in my pj's all day.

Besides that, Dad put up the Christmas lights on the house today. They're beautiful. Hooray holidays.


  1. ahhh I'm sick too & have to go back to school tomorrow :(
    feel better soon!!

  2. oh no! School is bad enough when you're not sick, I'm sorry. I hope you feel better soon too!

  3. ooh yeah.. being sick is sucky!

    although, it does provide a good excuse to sit and waste away in front of the tv.

    i hope you feel better!