Tuesday, November 17

I can hear the rain outside my window

it's one of my very favorite sounds. I've always loved to sit out on the front porch and just listen to the rain hitting the ground. Or the sound of it hitting a tin roof. That's pretty wonderful too.

And you know one of my very favorite smells? The smell right after it rains. The best, freshest smell ever.

When it's raining and the sun is shining? Magical. A feast for the eyes.

So it's settled. Rain is a sensory extravaganza.

When I was little, upon the first big rain of the year, I would get all dolled up in a dress and run outside with my umbrella. I would then proceed to dance. Gene Kelly style. I belted out the chorus to "Singin' in the Rain" everytime. I would run with my umbrella to the drain pipe and stand underneath it. I felt invincible with my umbrella.

Rain, you are a welcome friend.


  1. oh yes, i agree!
    the sound, the smell!!
    my absolute favorite!
    there's no cozier time.

  2. My mom and sister could smell rain before it was coming...I was always so jealous of that.

    I lived in a cabin for a while with a tin roof. It was the best for sleeping in on a rainy Saturday.