Monday, November 30

you know what I love about this time?

Crunchy leaves. I'm that person who will go out of their way to step on a leaf that looks deliciously crunchy.

A few days ago the wind blew and blew and now all the leaves that were sitting on the front lawn are now piled together right were the door to my truck sits. It's like a welcome mat when I come home. Except it's crunchy. And instead of wiping my feet I stomp and listen to the delightfully glorious sound of the leaves crunching beneath my feet,

Aaah, lovely.

More favorite things: These shoes (although they squeeze my toes)


  1. no way! oh, this is so funny!

    one - i too, am that person who goes out of their way for the crunchy leaf.
    and two - the name of our etsy shop....
    The Crunchy Leaf!

    no lie.

    (which is now starting to sound funny, since i keep saying it over and over...)

  2. i love the photographs you take, i love the music you choose, i love the thoughts rattling around in that mind of yours!

    the other day i went for my morning walk and i was knee deep in crunch leaves, thanks to the wind--it was amazing!!

  3. Great pic - - are those ribbons running through the leaves?

  4. Those shoes are great. I always used to say "beauty before pain"...meaning worry about how they look before you worry about how they feel.

    That was before I became a teacher.

  5. Carmella- I can't believe your etsy shop is going to be The Crunchy Leaf!! Quite possibly the best name ever, can't wait to shop there.

    Meg- why thank you! I would love to be knee deep in leaves too.

    Boomer- thanks, yep, balloon ribbons.

    Elizabeth- My grandma always said you have to suffer to be beautiful. Unfortunately it stuck. However, when I'm working, I tend to go for the comfy flats before the cute heels.