Saturday, December 5


it's seems as though lately I have been consumed with thoughts. Thoughts that go nowhere.

Thinking of all the places I could be instead of where I actually am.

And when I step outside of myself, and see how much time I have wasted away, thinking when I could be doing, I begin to feel slightly pathetic.

Have you ever been in that place?

I guess you could say I'm in a bit of a funk. Don't worry though, these funks always come with winter, and soon it will fade away.

On a much happier note, in one afternoon/late night, I managed to complete an entire semester's worth of classwork (with seven hours to spare before class began in the morning, no less)!

I am procrastination GOLD!!!

man made double exposure

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  1. courtney-
    i'm Always in that place!

    it's probably the most significant mission i have, day to day.
    to DO, and to stop thinking. i'm a thinking pro... on an upside, i never get bored, what with all my thinking.
    at the same time, it drives me nuts-cause like you say, i start to feel pathetic!

    (and yes girl, procrastination and i go way back, too!)