Tuesday, December 8

seemingly insignificant moments to remember

while I was reading a book this afternoon, my dad came up to me and said "we're going to change the oil in the truck."

Let me just say, I am completely lost when it comes to the goings on under the hood of a car.

By the end of the tutorial, not only had I crawled underneath the car and helped changed the oil, I also checked the tire pressure and added more air, I learned about radiators and antifreeze and things I'll never remember, and wore really awesome coveralls. My nails still have motor oil and grime beneath them. My hair still has hints of leaves that were on the garage floor.

In a moment of frustration with the tires I let out an- "ugh. I am SUCH a girl."

My dad just laughed and said "that you are."

I'm pretty sure I saw a hint of pride in his smile.

And I'm pretty sure it was one of those moments that I'll remember forever.


  1. what an awesome memory- now every time your engine light comes on for years to come, you'll think of this moment with your dad. and smile.

    my dad taught me to change a tire. it's a skill i cherish!

  2. Such a good daddio! My dad taught me about everything under the hood when I graduated from high school. I never used the info, but I still could!