Wednesday, December 23

I'm one of those people

who, in the company of good friends and family, will sing along with a song even though I only know one line or a few words from the chorus.


In other news.

On Sunday my cousin and I went to a glassblowing studio. It was amazing. What I enjoyed most was not necessarily seeing the ridiculously hot glass coming in and out of the kiln or how the guy twirled the stick thing (real technical, I know) up in the air. It was seeing his passion. You could just see how much he loved his craft in his eyes. It was completely awesome and it made me wish I was as passionate about something.

On Monday I went to a friend's for a potluck dinner. I made a delicious pasta dish and a scrumdiddlyumptious dessert. And I planned to take photos of this glorious feast to share with you. My sauteed vegetables looked heavenly and my trifle dessert looked straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine (if I do say so myself). But by the time I had remembered I was already out the door and driving as fast as my little truck could take me. Sorry I couldn't share the tastebud extravaganza with you.

On Tuesday I decided to tackle the ever growing heap of laundry that has been spilling out of my closet.

Today? I am still trying to tackle the laundry. Hoping my dad's Christmas gift comes in the mail. Hoping my mom's Christmas gift comes in the mail. Hopefully wrapping said gifts. And meeting my best friend for lunch.

Guess that means I should go take a shower.

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  1. me too, me too--i sing along even though i don't know the words (often i make up my own words!!). merry christmas!