Saturday, December 5

been busy

this week I've been busy deciding on which photographs to use for my portfolio review in class next week. The teacher gave us specific assignments to fulfill, and I pretty much hated most of the topics. Although I'm not too wild about what I'm turning in, I decided to share them with you anyways! Oh and half of the portfolio had to be in black and white, so that's the reasoning behind the inconsistency.

1. Creative Speed Shot
Pretty blurry and a little vibrant, but that's what I like about it.

2. Creative Depth Shot
Portfolio Depth

3. Portrait of Another Person
Portfolio Portrait
My big brother on the family farm.

4. Environmental Self Portrait
Portfolio Environment Self Portrait
Not a fun one to take. The requirement was that you had to take it indoors at your home. I had all these ideas to make it cool and reflect my personality, but when it came down to it, my parents bedroom had the best light, my room was too messy, and I just ran out of time. So this one worked.

5. Landscape
Portfolio Landscape
I am by no means a landscape photographer. For the most part I like up close shots, and it seemed like none of my photos would fit this assignment, they all had some kind of man made structure. So in the end I just went with this one.

6. Composite (using 3 images in one)
Portfolio Composite
I had grand ideas for this one too, but they didn't work out either. This is the assignment that really got to me, it seemed like all the other students were combining photos that shouldn't be combined, making them unrealistic. I don't know if you've gathered this about me, but I like things to be real. I'm not into making a tiny dog into a towering giant over a small town (as one of my classmates did). I based this image off of some of my double exposures that I've done with film, and I haven't decided for sure, but I think I kinda like it. All I can say is, it's different.

7. Field Trip Photo
Portfolio Field Trip
When people started printing their field trip photos, most of them looked alike. I chose this one because it was most different from everyone else's, although it wasn't my favorite shot of the day.

8. Low Light
Portfolio Low Light

9. Flash
Portfolio Flash
I hate HATE hate using flash.

10. Free Choice
Portfolio Free Choice
This is the only photograph in this portfolio that is a cheater. Meaning, I didn't take it this semester. However, I'm okay with using it seeing as how I haven't used it in any other portfolio. I actually took this photograph while walking around in London, last winter.


  1. i love these photos!
    especially 2!
    and i like 6 a lot, it's very interesting.

    oohh, how i wish i was some great photographer!
    a nice dslr is definitely on my wish list, however, when i start reading and hearing about all the logistics and technical stuff that goes into great photography... i get SO intimidated!

  2. thanks!

    You know what, I feel like you really don't need fancy stuff or know all the techy things to take a good photo. Because I know lots of people who have the flashy cameras and intimidate others with their knowledge, but in the end, their photos are really terrible.

    I think anyone can take an amazing photo no matter what their knowledge is or the equipment they use. The trick to great photography is simply opening your eyes!

    Have you gotten any of your film developed from your diana camera? I haven't gotten my medium format film developed, but I did get that attachment so I could use 35mm film. I got those ones developed and they turned out terrible! Oh man, they were so bad, I just threw them out yesterday, haha.

  3. no, i haven't gotten it developed - i actually haven't even finished a roll!!
    i know... but i'm scared that nothing is going to turn out right... i should just stop thinking about it though...

    (how's that for lazy-procrastination?)

  4. I love the creative depth shot of the leaf! Great composition.

  5. Carmella- I'm scared nothings going to turn out too, I'm pretty sure I exposed the film on accident. I just don't want to walk in there and look like a moron when they give me back all black photos, but I need to just do it too... I've had the roll finished since september!

    Thanks Heather!