Sunday, December 6

about last night...

Thankfully I wasn't needed at work and was able to go to a friend's bachelorette party last night.

I think I had a little too much fun... and it all started with the champagne.

As mortified as I was, I managed to win our game of Pin the "HmHm" on the Man. How the only virgin at the party beat everyone while blindfolded and dizzy is beyond me.

After a few games, we walked out of the apartment on a mission to get as many signatures and "advice" from men on marriage for Kristina's bachelorette party notebook. That's when things got really entertaining. I don't know that anyone wrote down any real advice, but it was fun walking up to random strangers (especially the good looking ones) and striking up a conversation.

My only regret from last night? When a very handsome young man wanted to give me his number.

Do you know what I said? Do you?

"Oh I'm really bad at calling people. Ask my friends."

And then I turned and walked away.


But in my defense, I didn't have my phone or anything to write his number down. Besides, I'm old fashioned, and I think it's the man's job to call the girl.

At least that's what I've been saying to console myself.

some of the girls

oh my
we may be slightly inebriated


  1. 1. oh man, i would have done the same thing. but... you're gorgeous, why didn't you take his number?!!!

    lol, oooh next time.

    2. ps: i think you're a brilliant photographer!

  2. Thanks Meg! I really don't know what I was thinking!