Wednesday, December 30

it's been a good day.

a good. good day.

It all started by getting up only half an hour after my alarm went off. Which, by my standards, is pretty amazing.

I was then dressed and ready an hour BEFORE I needed to leave the house to meet my best friend Taylor for lunch. Miraculous? Yes. Most definitely.

I got EVERYTHING done on my to do list. Heck, I made a to do list. And didn't lose it. That in itself is a victory.

This is completely out of character for me. Who have I become?!

And my truck? It's like this morning God looked down upon it and said "heal thyself."

new/old green jacket

I also wore my new vintage (a bit of an oxymoron) suit jacket for the first time this afternoon. You know the best part about it? I highly doubt anyone has the same one. Pretty sure I'm in love with it. Wish my hair wasn't in the way so you could see the collar. Cause it's pretty sweet.

1 comment:

  1. haha, i'm a chronic snooze button hitter!

    and i loooooove that jacket!!
    probably the most perfect green!