Monday, December 7

I wish I may,

I wish I might,
Find these under my tree Christmas night!


1. A sweet little Emerson Made clutch.
2. Abydos Dress from Anthropologie.
3. The Satorialist by Scott Schuman.
4. Pictorial Webster's, A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities . Seeing as how I'm both incredibly visual and curious.
5. Leather Jacket . Yes please.
6. Abydos Dress from Anthropologie. Pretty.
7. Happy Tape from Etsy.
8. Jacquard Screen Printing Ink . I would like yellow-green, turquoise, and yellow. What the heck, why not orange too!
9. Blackbird Camera. Cute and useable. I'm all about being versatile.


  1. love that anthropologie dress!
    and i've really, really, been wanting The Sartorialist book too!

    p.s. don't hate me, i'm totally stealing this collage thingy.
    -- which by the way... i always use polyvore to do collages... but i hate that the logo is on them...
    what do you use?

  2. ah, i LOVE anthro. i just wish their prices were so expensive!!! :(

  3. Your list is so cute! I love how you made it, it is so much cuter than mine... You inspire me. And that leather jacket is TO DIE FOR!!! I am adding it to my list too.

  4. thanks girls!

    Carmella- I couldn't hate you! Go for it.
    I've never heard of polyvore... all I did was start a new document on photoshop and then I dragged the images onto it. It was pretty easy.

  5. ...that makes so much sense...
    (literally slapped my head and said "duh")

    why i've never thought of that- i'll never know...

  6. this could totally be my wishlist! love your blog, by the way!