Monday, December 28

music for your Monday

wish I knew what they were saying.

But then, that's part of the beauty of music, isn't it? It transcends all cultures, one language that we can all enjoy.

Sigur Ros - Við spilum endalaust - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.


  1. ha! i love sigur ros! i always feel very cultured when i sing along to bits of their stuff, even though i have no clue what they're saying!

    i was listening to them in the car once, and my mom was like, "carmella, what is this?? i can't understand what they say, why you listen to crying music? sounds like somebody die." {image a little korean accent}

    she just doesn't get it :)

  2. My best friend Amber shared Sigur Ros with me. She has amazing taste in music. My favorite of theirs will always be Gobbledigook. Just can't beat it for fun.

  3. Yeah, I just discovered Sigur Ros a few weeks ago, wish I had known about them sooner!

    Carmella- totally made me laugh aloud