Sunday, December 27

a glimpse into my Christmas

Dog piles were a major theme that morning.


Toby and Adam

I snuck up on all the men standing around the back of my cousin Robby's truck.

Talking with your hands

Jumping Competition

This one makes me laugh. When you're five years old, like Toby, underwear is the worst possible Christmas gift.

You gave me underwear?

Every year that someone gets a new soccer ball, it inevitably gets kicked into the wrong place. This year? The freakishly tall well that stands about 9 or 10 feet above ground and goes 6 feet underground. Nice one, Jason. Obviously, this isn't the greatest photo, but it gives an idea of our predicament. Danny jumped in and saved the day. Good thing the pump wasn't on!

Lassie! The soccer ball fell in the well!

Tell it

The last few years the boys have put lights up on the windmill. From the road, if you squint, it almost looks like the Eiffel Tower. Pretty cheap fix for the real deal.

Windmill Lights

As for our ugly sweater contest photo, it's on my dad's camera. I'll have to steal it sometime this week so you can see it!

P.S. My favorite thing about Christmas this year? My wrapping jobs. I opted for the cover-it-with-a-towel-then-yank-the-towel-off-while-yelling-TA DA!!! method.

My family seemed to enjoy it too.

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