Sunday, November 8


weather permitting, my friend Sophie and I are going on a photo shoot. Yay! This is us dancing at Versailles last year.

We are survivors of French class with the dreaded Naima. Who hated us.

"Sof-EEEeeee!" she would shriek. "Quelle heure est-il?"

To which Sophie would reply- "uhhh, ummm, ehh... je ne comprends pas."

"Cork-naaaay! (Insert undeterminable French)??"

And I replied- "Je ne sais pas, no parlez francais."

Which really got Naima's blood boiling.

Aaah, to be young and in Paris.

Sophie and I also trekked to London together, dancing in sweaty basement bars, eating bad fish and chips from street vendors, and walking around Hyde park to the Beatles playing on our ipods (cliche, I know, but fun none the less). We went to Morocco and rode camels. We named our stomachs because they clearly had a mind of their own.

We jumped on the metro as the doors were closing to ditch our friends to go make crepes. We attempted to sneak food past the concierge under our jackets. And we giggle like little girls.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.


  1. My little sister is taking French now. She's obsessed with all things Paris.

    Sounds like you and Sophie had a wonderful time traveling together--there's nothing like it for getting to know your friend. When my shampoo exploded in my luggage on the first night of our trip through Europe, I know my friend got to know my temperamental side a little better than she bargained for :)

  2. That's terrible, exploding hair products are the worst! I'm so afraid that's going to happen to me so I wrap them in several plastic bags. However, I have a feeling they wouldn't help that much.