Thursday, November 5

I wish that all french people came with subtitles.

Last week my boss took me to see the movie Paris.

It was good, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it to those of us who have short attention spans. It was... qu'est que c'est... long.

And sitting there in a dark theater watching the characters make out while my boss was sitting next to me... awkward. I spent most of the time wishing, praying, thinking dear God please don't let there be sex in this movie. My prayers were answered thanks to tactful editing.

Besides all that, I definitely loved it. It made me long for a plane ticket back.

There's just something about that city. I feel like a completely different person there. Maybe more true to myself than I am here at home.

The killer, was seeing my favorite view of the Eiffel Tower. My favorite view down the Seine. If you ever go, hop onto line 14 of the Metro. If you look at the map it's the seafoam green line. In between the Bir Hakiem and Passy stops the metro takes you up over the water of the Seine and you see the most beautiful view of the tower and all around it. Unfortunately I usually didn't have my camera or was to busy taking in the beauty to ever take a picture. Do it, you won't regret it.

Back to the movie. It was beautiful. Another movie I love that is centered around Paris is Paris Je'taime. Have you seen it? I saw it last year while I was living there and I've loved it since. I think you can see most of it on YouTube and it's also on instant NetFlix (how much do you love instant NetFlix?! Sorry Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, your business is toast).

Here's the gist of it-
As you probably know, Paris is divided into twenty neighborhoods, or arrondissements. Short films were shot by different directors using different actors, set in eighteen of the arrondissements, and then put together to make one movie.

It's pretty awesome. You should see it. And I'm not gonna lie- It might even make you blubber a bit. I still can't pick a favorite short. They're all so good.

Well, maybe not the one with Elijah Woods turning into a blood sucking vampire. That one is a little weird.*

*[Side note: What gives with all the vampire fever going around??? I'm SO SICK of hearing and seeing vampires everywhere in the media. Can I get an amen?]


  1. My husband and I watched Paris Je'taime on our Netflix Instant View a few weekends ago! I loved it! I think my favorite short was the 2nd one with the young man who helps the girl who falls and gets her hands scraped up. I thought that one was very sweet. :)

  2. i loved Paris Je t'aime!!
    i love paris! i too felt like a different person in paris- i felt.. more alive maybe?
    can't wait to see New York, I Love You!

  3. What do you do for work that your boss took you to it? Sounds awkward. And I am excited to see it but I will probably redbox it... Thanks for the review!

  4. New York, I love you?! I didn't know there was going to be one! Awesome.

    Mandy- I've worked at the same restaurant for almost 7 years and my both of my bosses are like family. He wanted to see it and knew I'd enjoy it too so he invited me! It was like if I'd gone to the movie with my dad, that's why I found it so awkward at times : ) And I have grown to LOVE red box, genius!