Wednesday, November 11

He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away [Raymond Hull]

So the super sweet Sarah C. of Auburn Street tagged me with the Sugar Doll award. I'm supposed to come up with ten random facts about me, but I'm going to cheat and only give away five nuggets of my life. Because I wouldn't want to lose the mystery wrapped up in this blog. Wait, me? Mysterious? Impossible! I seem lack that certain feminine quality (along with several others) that seems to turn men on.

And away we go!

5. Tonight I realized that I most always sit at the family dinner table with my legs tucked up under me. Surprisingly comfy and I do it without thinking.

4. I seem to only attract the most awkward of oddball men. One time a guy in my astronomy class, Carlos, I believe, that I took notes for had a crush on me. He would call and leave long messages on my voicemail (messages that I had to listen to 5 times just to figure out who it was he was talking so fast) describing in detail the basketball game from that night (he was the waterboy). If he saw me in the hallway he would follow me and tell me that because of his jaw surgery he could only eat mashed potatoes for a month. He watched me taking notes in class. One time he called and talked to me for over an hour, it only lasted that long because I could never interrupt him to say goodbye. I finally saved his number in my phone as "DON'T ANSWER." I'm not a mean person, really I'm not, he was just all kinds of weird. All that to say, I've never had a boyfriend, because the men I attract are in no way attractive to me.

3. In high school, I usually liked the teachers that everyone else hated. I guess because they were the ones who actually challenged their students.

2. I love getting mail. Real mail. The kind you hold in your hands. The kind that isn't instant. The kind that you physically open the mail box for. Yep. I'm into tangible things.

1. Due to my bank statement from last month, I've banned myself from buying clothes for all of November. Ten days in and I'm already sweating.

And now I'm supposed to tag some other Sugar Dolls. Here's the thing though, I think anyone kind enough to follow my blog and read the measly words I write is deserving.

So there! You've been tagged. Go forth and tell the world about yourself.


  1. I love this! I can absolutely relate to everything on the list. I just came over to your blog from A Tree Called Life--and I love it!

  2. haha-- oh you made me laugh aloud with the whole not being mysterious thing... i feel that way too!

    so with you on the mail... i love real mail, that aren't bills.

  3. Tag tag tag. :) Check out the musical blog survey I tagged you in!

  4. I am totally hearing ya on number four. Dorks, weirdos, sweat-ers, guys who like Grey's Anatomy more than me. I've seen it all.