Saturday, November 21

sitting in trucks with boys

is the best.

There's just something about guy friends that is, in some ways, way better than girl friends. Can't explain it. Just know it to be true.

After closing down the restaurant, four of my favorite guys and I went outside to continue laughing. It got too cold. So we crammed into a tiny truck and fogged up the windows (far from Titanic style, get your minds out of the gutter).

And now my back is aching from being squished in between them and I'm still very cold. But happy. Very, very happy. I don't know why, but ever since I was a toddler I have loved being the tag-a-long girl to a group of guys. Perhaps because I spent all my childhood days hanging out on the farm with all my boy cousins. Or because I find them to be relatively drama free. And hilarious. They push me to try new things. To be more adventurous. To laugh at prissy girls.

Tonight we decided we're going to become vagabonds and travel to New Zealand. My idea, thank you.

For tomorrow night if I'm not working? Scotch night. None of us has had it, but they think they should start drinking it because it's a "manly drink."

And me? Well, what other option have I than to join in?


  1. come with me to New Zealand this january! grand idea, you're welcome. ;)

  2. Check into some port-wine-barrel aged scotch. Delicious.

    I enjoy Famous Grouse commercials a tad more than what actually comes in the bottle:

  3. Alexandra- you're really going?!? I'm actually considering going for real in either January or February, that's crazy!

    Boomer- we didn't go out for scotch last weekend but I'll have to give that a shot someday! Sounds good.