Tuesday, October 20

a day in the life

Last Friday I participated in a photography event called "a day in the life."

Basically, a whole bunch of schools and photographers descended into Oak Park, a neighborhood in the Sacramento area that has a reputation for being less than pleasant.

And for some reason I decided to separate myself from the other participants to walk around alone and off the beaten path in the sketchy-ness that is Oak Park.

Smart, right?

It was a great experience. I had conversations with some fellows that I probably should've kept a safe distance from (thank goodness for the old guy who came to my rescue at one point), stumbled upon an area deemed "cell block" because, as I was informed, everyone who lived there has either been in jail or is going, and got whistled at a few times.

Good day indeed.


  1. These pictures are beautiful. I especially like the pictures of the people.

    It's scary though, how you went off on your own! You're quite brace, lol. I think I'd trail behind a bit, but then run back to the group, yknow? Hehe.

    Belen ♥