Thursday, October 22

wednesday institution

For the past several months, my friend Taylor and I have made sure that we have lunch together every week.

Before we would maybe see each other once a month. Our lives just don't run on the same clock. She works weekdays during the daytime, I work during the night and on weekends. She is newly married and busy with her new life. I'm perpetually single and stuck in a bit of a rut.

We finally realized that we really didn't see each other enough, that we were rapidly growing apart, and running out of things in common to talk about.

So we changed that.

One Wednesday lunch turned into a second Wednesday lunch. Then it became a month of Wednesday lunches.

Our friendship has grown so much. We tell each other our stories from the week while they're still fresh in our mind. She makes me see the obvious, I help her to lighten up. And we laugh. A lot. Mostly at each other.

Designating a time, knowing that your friend will always have that hour carved out, just for you, has been so great.

So I just want to encourage everyone to carve out time just for your friends. Make them feel special and give them your undivided attention. It really is a wonderful feeling.

at her bachelorette party. We laughed every time the waiter said "mahi mahi." Let's just say we were slightly tipsy.

what feels like a long, long time ago at her graduation party.

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  1. This is so sweet! I've been spending more time with a very close friend of mine and it feels oh so wonderful :)
    Have a sweet weekend!