Friday, January 8

bragging on my bosses

I know that somedays I gripe about work.

But I must say, I have the best bosses ever.

Last week they called me up and invited myself and two of the other managers over for lunch. So yesterday we showed up at their house only to be instructed to get back in our car (that we drove up together in) and to follow them. We ended up at an old mansion that had been converted into a spa.

And then the three of us were treated to both an hour long facial and an hour long massage.

It. Felt. SO GOOD.

And way less awkward than my first massage ever in Morocco (long story. Put short, let's just say VERY shy virgin and a non-english speaking Moroccan male masseuse who liked to laugh at the fact that I liked my personals covered).

Except my masseuse this time told me I was thinking to much. I can't help that I have an active brain.

I love my bosses.

Then, they took us out to an amazing dinner. I mean, come on, do I have the good life or what?


  1. where do you work and how do i get a job there?!

  2. Seriously . . . can I please share bosses??

  3. lucky!

    my boss is currently prego (about 2 or 3 months, i think?) and her mood's are all over the place. :( gr, i just want her baby to hurry up and mature in there so it can arrive and we can have our happy and unstressed boss back!!!