Wednesday, January 20


are there ever any quotes that just really resonate with you?

Here's one that's been getting at me lately-


happy Parisian

This is my only self portrait from my Europe experience in 2008. Some of my happiest memories. Looking at this photo almost two years later, I hardly notice the disgusting blanket, my fuller cheeks, or my bad Italian haircut. What I see now is contentment.

Because I threw off the bowlines.

I long to feel that once again. The rush of stepping outside my comforts and fully embracing life. Which means I have some changes to make.

Glad we had this chat.


  1. Thank you so, so much for the congratulations! :)

  2. Chase your dreams, lady. <3 You have us cheering you on!

  3. This quote is amazing- and I think you look so pretty in your picture! I hope the best for the journey ahead of you, and remember that as long as you remember who you are- you'll always be beautiful.

  4. first time to your blog, and i absolutely love it. and this post is amazing, i can relate to every word. xoxo

  5. Do you speak Italian? I am learning, and think it would be wonderful to have a friend who spoke it also.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. i want to feel it again too...
    i feel like i'm standing riiiight there on the edge, just about to jump ship...
    but i'm over thinking things... ugh..

    you have pretty awesome handwriting - it should be a font.
    when i was in 8th grade i hoped that mine would improve as i got older -
    it didn't.

  7. thanks everyone for all of the lovely comments!