Wednesday, January 13


Today was spent

wondering why amazon hasn't delivered my book, Hatch Show Print. I ordered that and another book (French Milk which has already been read and found a place in my bookshelf) two weeks ago. Hurry up!

driving to town to meet my friend Taylor for lunch. We recapped on her first few days of cooking school. Entertaining to say the least. You see, Taylor has this reputation of looking fabulous. ALWAYS. No matter what she is doing. However, in cooking school, you're required to wear this jacket (which she plans on taking to the tailors, to put darts in and to shorten- fashion always comes first), man pants, and a "muffin" hat. Oh, and a kerchief. No jewelry, hair completely back. As Taylor put it- she just needs some kind of "dazzle." Love her.

running errands that didn't need to be ran because I got dressed up today in a skirt and heels, and I felt that my cuteness should be shared with my fellow Sacramentans. I don't dress up just to go back home.

making paper cranes. Back in October, I stumbled upon some origami paper in my room and decided it was time I learned how to make those really cool cranes. So I googled. Folded all the paper and decided FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON that I NEEDED more origami paper. I went out and bought a four hundred page pack. Then promptly forgot how to fold them and was too lazy to re-google it. So this paper has just been sitting on top of the heap on my desk. To add to it, santa gave me even more origami paper. Great.

dancing to commercials. Something about sitting during commercials drives me crazy, I usually end up getting up and dancing around the living room. To which my father always says- "it's past 8pm, she's finally starting to wake up."

watching American Idol. I didn't get into it until last year. Now I, like nearly every other American schmuck, am hooked. I decided tonight, that Randy is infinitely meaner than Simon. I mean, at least Simon is honest from the get go. Randy pretends like he's into you and then dashes your dreams by saying "you know dog, I just wasn't feeling it." Yeah?

feeding my mom's damn chickens. Dewey, Etta, Dora, Ollie, and Martha. Or maybe Martha is the one that died? Who knows.

working on my guitar finger calluses.

waiting for work to call me in. They didn't. Could've been out with my friends having fun instead of listening to Simon and Garfunkel's Cecelia on repeat. Which, all in all, is not too terrible. Makes me dance every time.

the sky was AMAZING today. Driving shot. Probably not safe but unless a cow was going to run across the road I figured it was all good.


  1. GORGEOUS photo! I want to live where you live!

  2. Your friend's coat reminds me of my first week at the restaurant this summer. We had to wear these nasty chef's jackets to run food. "Hi, here's your food. I know I look like a slob." I hated that job so much I don't even walk around that block anymore.

  3. beautiful picture! mm. i love clouds.

  4. so much goodness in this post!

    -cooking school?! YES!! all i could picture was the guy in the chefs hat in ratatouille.
    -i made 1000 paper cranes with my mom last year. ok... so she probably made 950... i still contributed.
    -american idol - simon's my favorite, and i'm glad paula and her debilitated claps are gone. side note, my roomate and i went to the show before the finale show the season when jordan sparks won... we were 3 rows behind simon, and totally on tv --- no one saw us :(
    -finger calluses... another resolution i've yet to really crack down on...
    -aaamazing photo!!! i'm definitely going to take an "on the road" pic, just to compare...