Tuesday, January 12

oh boy oh boy

you know when you're excited about something, but then time takes so long to pass so you eventually forget about it?

And then you remember it?

Well I just remembered that the new Vampire Weekend album comes out today, and I am ridiculously excited. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent listening to their previous album. Lately it's become a very rare thing for me to download and entire album, but I just have a feeling that this one is worth it!

Okay, enough about music.

I'm here to tell you, that you should most definitely go check out this blog-

...sending postcards. This couple wins the I-am-super-jealous-of-your-awesomeness award. Quitting their jobs and selling their house to become vagabonds? Yes. It seems like just about everyone (including myself) loves to talk about doing this but never follows through. And the follow through is what counts.

I'm off to take a walk to my mailbox, one of my favorite activities on lazy days like this one. The hope that there could be a pretty catalog or snail mail from a lovely friend makes the long, cold walk worth it.


Wow. There really is no rhyme or reason to this post. Typical.


  1. I tend to focus on that exciting thing until it is no longer exciting as an idea. Once it is put into action, my brain still doesn't get it. In fact, when I moved to China, I didn't really get it until I was on the plane.

    I like your way better.

  2. I'm jealous of the postcard people as well. Why can't we all be that awesome?

    I keep promising myself I'll make it through South America before I'm old and have a mom-body, but it's so hard to wrap my mind around having the $$ for it. Ergh.

  3. I got your letter in the mailllll! :D You have such pretty writing!

  4. kayla: mom-body and money, I seriously have the same thoughts