Sunday, January 10

obsession confession

I just went a little out of control.

And bought an incredible amount of envelopes online at Paper Source.

I had bought some from the store in San Francisco with my mom last week and have spent a good portion of my day making cards to go with them. Writing good old fashioned pen to paper letters. Thinking about how cute these envelopes were, I decided to visit the website.

"Over 600 items on sale!" it read.


Immediately after the message appeared saying that they had charged my card, it hit me. I just bought one hundred envelopes. One hundred envelopes that I do not need. One hundred envelopes that will take me forever to use.

They're beautiful envelopes. I think that fact alone should make it okay, right? They were on sale, too. But one hundred envelopes?

Well... just think of all the joy they will bring to whoever I desire to send a letter to. I mean, come on! To open up your mailbox to find a colorful envelope addressed to you, whose contents aren't credit card offers or magazine subscription renewals?

That's A LOT of joy you could be spreading, Courtney.

Purchase justified.


  1. spread the joy, Courtney!

    And just so you know, as soon as I read about an envelope sale, I thought "what?! an envelope sale! I've gotta buy me some envelopes!"

    The fever has spread.

  2. The best present I ever got was personalized Crane stationary from TPS. I only use it for important people though.