Friday, January 29

oh goodness


They're terrible.

Have you noticed that when you have expectations you will almost always be let down?

I suppose that's why I don't expect much of others or from experiences. Because when you don't expect much, things always go great. When you don't expect much, you appreciate what you get. When you don't expect much, it's hard to get angry over little things, that in the broad scheme of life, matter very little.

All I'm saying, people, is to expect less and enjoy more.


  1. Yeah I couldn't agree more. Expectations, no matter how high, lead to disappointments.

  2. What's the difference between expectations and anticipation? When I anticipate things that come to pass, it's usually better.

  3. So true, and yet so hard to do! I'm always let down because my expectations are too high.

  4. ooh good point Boomer. I have to admit, I wrote this while in a very annoyed mood. It's kinda a difficult topic when you really think about it. I think maybe the difference would be that anticipation is mostly looking forward to something, a hopefulness, whereas expectations are something that are either fulfilled or not. The kind of expectations I was thinking about were the kind where you think something is owed to you, where you think you will receive the very best and demand nothing less. And that's when you will be let down. Anticipation is good! And so are expectations in the appropriate situation. They're just not very much fun.

    Man oh man, sorry for the negativity! Simple explanation: bad night at work : )