Tuesday, January 5

devouring pixie sticks

and waiting for photo emulsion to dry so I can start screen printing.

That's what I'm doing at this very moment.

Yesterday however...


I was

skipping through Bloomies.

sharing pain au chocolat and pain au jambon from Tartine Bakery with my mom. Delicious. The best I've had stateside. We then walked it off through the neighborhood and past Dolores Park.

visiting Flax (art store that seemed endless, with loads and loads of pretty paper, my fave) and Paper Source.

browsing the stacks of fabric at Britex.

drooling over Anthro's displays.

eating some tasty Margarita pizza at Delfina's and finishing it off with straciatella gelato, only the best flavor of gelato ever. Okay, passion fruit and nutella are close seconds.

getting lost on the way home.


There's just something about the city of San Francisco that makes me ridiculously happy.


  1. oh man, can i come next time?
    your day sounded perfect!
    i've never even been to san francisco, definitely on my to-do list this year!

    on another note --pixie sticks, good lord, i haven't had one of those in a LONG time! :)

    photo emulsion? screen printing?
    fancy-intimidating-photography-stuff :)

  2. for a few brilliant seconds, i thought maybe you were in ny and how grand would that be because we could get together and begin this friendship we're destined to have. but san fran?! that's nice too and makes me jealous. guess i'll have to visit the city sometime and you can show me around!

  3. Damn it, why doesn't Boston have a place like Britex? I have been upset and lusting over the photos on their website. The east coast needs to get crafty or else!

  4. Carmella- yes! That would be so amazingly fun! And the pixie sticks, I found them in the candy cupboard, who knows how old they are. Photo emulsion and screen printing aren't intimidating, you could totally do it! Trust me, if a putz like me could do it, it's possible for everyone : )

    Meg- oh how I wish I was in new york, I would LOVE that!

    Elizabeth- I suppose you'll just have to be the craft savior of the east : )