Saturday, February 20

Dear Diana, I think I love you.

oh Diana, I think I love you

I finally got the first two rolls from my Diana camera developed! I wasn't very happy with any of the images from the roll of color, however I was pretty pleased with my black and whites. This one was my favorite!

If only I could get over the development sticker shock...

In other news
This afternoon I stopped by a bakery down the street from my grandmother's that is known for it's divinely delicious sweet treats. I picked up a tasty looking cupcake and licked my lips the whole way to Grandma's house.
Then she and I split it.

That little old lady can down a cupcake like no other.


  1. love that photo!

    i'm a little nervous about my color roll now...
    and the price tag... eeps!

  2. although- the guy at the film place i go to said that for 11 bucks they would develop the roll and put it on a disc, so i'll probably do that...

    the first shot i took with diana at the beach- my lens cap was on, so sad.

  3. That photo is fantastic! Wow!

    And your grandma sounds adorable. <3

  4. I LOVE that pic.
    I just got a Diana but haven't been able to make it do anything like that yet.

  5. Carmella-
    eleven dollars!?! For two rolls they charged me 45!

    I was bamboozled for sure. Swindlers. Too bad it's the only place in Sacramento.

    And about the lens cap, I did that with SEVERAL photos.

    Spatzi- she is.
    Amber- thanks!

  6. This picture is amazing! I love my diana. I haven't developed my black and white yet, but this makes me very excited!