Monday, February 15

to say it's been a pretty good day

would be making a complete understatement.

For starters, I went to Ireland.




juuust kiddinnng...

But isn't this place everything you ever dreamed Ireland to be? (Minus the heather, wooly sheep, and beer?)

I actually went on a hiking/biking/oh-my-god-I-am-ridiculously-out-of-shape adventure with my cousin, Robby, to Point Reyes, right here in California. Some of the views were completely breathtaking, at times I felt I was in a tropical jungle, in others, Ireland. There's that wanderlust popping up again.


"Robby! Look at this!" = Courtney wants a break.

ooh aahh

my world traveling shoes, a cliff, and the Pacific Ocean


I climbed up a tree to get this shot. And then lost my footing and fell. Thank goodness Robby has quick reflexes and caught me!

We found tons of these crazy cool spider webs.

And... I even made Robby get off his bike so I could do my best Dirty Dancing impression.

After the mud splattering bike ride back to the truck, we headed into town for a much needed lunch. We stopped into this little town store and had some delicious tacos with chicken, cilantro, onions, a yummy green salsa and lime. I would show you a photo but I devoured it so quickly that I didn't have time to take one! Then we headed for home, only to hit traffic. Being the map lovers we are, I pulled one out and made an alternate route for us that took us through Napa, turning out to be a much more beautiful drive than the one we took on the way up.

I got home, exhausted, and then, a few hours later reluctantly logged into San Francisco State University's website for probably the fiftieth time this month to see if my admission status had changed.

So. Guess where I'm moving to in the fall?


Can I get a HUZZAH?!!!

Pretty good day, indeed.


  1. congratulations on sf!!!! that's awesome!! i would love to live there one day. such a beautiful city. & point reyes?! gorgeous! i foresee an adventure in the near future.

  2. are. you. kidding. me?
    looking up point reyes right now...

    Yay! Congrats Courtney!!
    i'm totally jealous and i'm sooooo coming to visit!

  3. such great photos (especially the third one)