Wednesday, February 3

sidewalk love notes

Sidewalk love notes

During my semester in Paris, one day I took a new route home and noticed this little love note painted on the sidewalk of my street. For the next few months, I found more, walking to the post office, in a parking lot, on the way to the park.

love me
hug me
adore me

On and on they went.
Simple demands of the heart.

I loved finding them, and always wondered who those little love notes were for.

And yes, there's a good chance that I secretly wished they were meant for me.


  1. That's so sweet, what a cool thing to look forward to when you were out there. I lived in Paris for 2 years in High School & it was the best experience. I'm sure you miss, I know I do!

    Cute blog you have :-)

  2. Kind of a brilliant idea, actually. Wonder what the chances are that the demands made it onto the right sidewalk and delivered their message to their intended?

    Multiply the % by the chance that it's still working today...

    Cosmic, that.

  3. oh, how i love this! your blog is so wonderful. so glad i stumbled upon it.
    {by the way, i'm in sacramento too!}

  4. Parisian graffiti is the best. I wish ours was half so entertaining. See any of Nemo's shadow graffiti around that you recall?

  5. this is freaking adorable! who wouldn't wish it was for them?! sometimes the simplest demands of the heart have the largest impact. so cute :)