Wednesday, February 24

that's amore

I love eating lunch with one of my best friends.

I love going to the bank and discovering I've got more money than I thought.

I love putting fresh flowers on my grandpa's grave. then sitting and reflecting upon my Kit Kat bar in the cemetery.

I love driving to Ventura Highway playing on the radio.

I love phone conversations with boys I used to have a crush on, where you both laugh the whole time, where you think to yourself I'm so glad I got over having a crush on him because we make really awesome friends.

I love drinking margaritas with the girls, eating free chips and discussing life and death.

I love trips to the craft store.

I love it when an old friend calls just to let you know she found a funny card you made for her years and years ago. And then reads said card while I'm trying to cover my phone with my hair, so I don't get pulled over by highway patrol.

I love new libraries with magical book scanning abilities. Set your book on a pad and somehow the computer knows which book you have? Mesmerizing. Definitely spent a few moments completely befuddled and amazed. However, I miss convo's with the librarians. Maybe they don't have amazing technical abilities but at least they smile.

I love going to the thrift store and not buying anything because I get in there and realize there's nothing I really need.

I love getting in the ridiculously long line that goes out the door at the pharmacy, only to realize I'm in the wrong line. I belong in the short, fast line. Awesome!

I love having a mom who's good at scratching itches.

I love coming up with ideas to redecorate my room, only to realize it won't be my room for long, and soon I'll be out on my own.

I love checking off all the important stuff on my to-do list.

I love today.

So thank you Wednesday. I needed you.

spring is here!


  1. i love your list!
    life is good. :)

  2. I love the new library scanny-things too. Plus, I was originally so befuddled by them that I needed a librarian to help me anyway, so I got the best of both worlds!
    PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. PPS. And for the recommendations!

  4. that was lovely!
    more people should pay attention to the good things in their lives :)