Tuesday, February 9

Grace is not my middle name. *

I spent the afternoon baking cookies with some friends in Davis.

What could go wrong?

With me? Plenty.

First of all, my socks slid a little too well across the laminate floor leading to a not so graceful slide/dance. Then, reaching, I ripped a hole in the arm of one of my favorite dresses. When attempting to get the plastic seal off of the bottle of vanilla extract, I accidentally yanked the cap off, which led to vanilla splatters. Everywhere.

I guess that's okay. Because now my hair smells delicious.

On the way home? I ran over the curb.

I just can't win. Thank goodness I was with friends who love me, clumsiness and all!

*however, my middle name, Anne, means grace. Go figure.


  1. hahaha, socks on laminate floor - i haven't done that in a while.

    ugh- running over the curb, i somehow manage to do it Every time, coming out of this gas station i always go to. is it just me, or do you get foolishly embarrassed? i always go "oh! crap, no one saw, no one saw..." and speed off, not looking out of the windows.

    (sorry to hear about your dress)

  2. Easy to play it off as a "Risky Business" move:


    The curb jump...just tell the cop you were checking your 4WD!