Monday, January 11

music for your Monday

I think this little bit is the sweetest-

oh home
let me go home
home is wherever I'm with you

I want someone to say that to me someday.


  1. LOVE this song. thanks for sharing!

    (is it from the end of paper heart per chance? i know i've heard it before...)

  2. ooh I don't know, I still haven't seen that movie!

  3. i've definitely heard this somewhere before... i can't figure it out though!!
    not paper heart, i haven't seen it either... hmm... this is going to bug me now...

    i want someone to say it to me too,
    actually i'd just like to feel that way about someone...

  4. i just was watching ugly betty on hulu and this song came on. mystery solved?! maybe?!

  5. mystery solved! I hope?

    I want to feel that way about someone too, Carmella. Someday.