Sunday, December 20

meet peggy and glen.


28 years ago today, on a Sunday much like this one, my parents began their life together.


I love that they kiss in the kitchen. I love that my mom still lights up when dad calls her while he's at work. I love that they know when to push each other and when to let things go. I love that they have modeled to me what a wonderful marriage should be. I love that they don't take each other too seriously. I love how they support each other. I love that they take drives to nowhere together. I love how my dad makes my mom laugh. I love how the perfect evening for them is just for them to be together.


Basically, I love how they love each other.


  1. oh, this is so sweet!! yay, for them!!
    definitely how a marriage should be!
    i love that there's kleenex in the back of the car!
    and your dad's rockin side burns!

  2. SO SWEET! They look so adorable and happy in all those pictures.